Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (2023)

Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (1)

Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States

One of the most commonquestions that I get as I travel around the world is “How do you stay connected and online with your phone when traveling outside of Canada?”.

The answer is

1) I have an unlocked iPhone and

2) in most places that I travel I used to purchase a local SIM card so that I could stay connected wherever I was. However, now the days of searching for sim card dealers is over. Now instead with eSIMs, I can buy them online and download them to my phone before I even leave for my trip! Having a physical sim card and dealing with switching them in and out of your phone is no longer required.

3) Specifically when traveling to the US as a Canadian I have been using an eSIM by Canadian company aloSIM. (Previously I had used a US SIM card from Roam Mobility. As of June 30th, 2020 Roam Mobility has closed down due to the pandemic.)

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This year I have traveled to Alaska, Prague, and I road tripped from Nova Scotia to Boston all while using aloSIM eSIMs. As long as you download the eSIM for the regions you are visiting ahead of time and have them ready to activate at the start of your trip you should have no problems. Using aloSIM for multiple eSIMs was quite seamless for me and I found the data to be fast and didn’t drain quickly.

Also great news you do not need to be Canadian to use aloSIM. Anyone who can download the aloSIM app from their app store can use this great eSIM company and be connected in over 170 countries around the world.

Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (2)

Why Should you buy an eSIM for your phone to travel with?

Buying eSIMs to travel with to various countries is the BEST because the minute your plane lands or you cross that border you have a connection. Otherwise you are left arriving in a new destination with no data, internet or connection and are needing to search for a place to buy one or you might end up being charged a large roaming fee by your cellular provider. Having an eSIM definitely beats the old way of jumping from wifi to wifi, from hotel to McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. It also keeps you from bugging friends to share their personal hot spot.

An important note however, if you need SMS/MMS texting and phone calling then getting a local SIM card or arranging a roaming plan with your home cell phone provider might still be required. If you use WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook calling, etc then you can most likely get around needing that local sim card and your eSIM will be more than enough with all of the data you need.

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Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (3)

Alternative Options to eSIMs

If you do not get an eSIM before you travel abroad talk to your cell phone service provider and they can arrange a talk, text and data roaming plan for your trip. Whether your cell phone is with Bell, Rogers, Virgin, Telus, Koodo, Fido, Lucky Penny or one of the other Canadian cell phone service providers, they all have phone plans that you can pay extra for to stay connected when traveling south of the border.

On average Canadian cell phone companies charge $7 – $10 a day to use your phone with talk, text and data while in the United States or abroad. Those costs can add up especially when you are using a lot of data like I tend to do. This fee is also extra on top of the cell phone plan you already pay for. After all of that though the amount of data and speeds you are given can be limited as well. Using an eSIM from a company like aloSIM can save you a LOT of money with their US eSIMs starting at $4.95USD for 1gb of data over 7 days.

A much more affordable option no matter where you are based or where you are traveling to is with aloSIM. A Canadian based eSIM company that offers great deals on eSIMs for Canadians and others traveling to the US and around the world. In fact anyone around the world can use aloSIM and have access to cheap and affordable eSIMs that work in over 170 different countries.

Without a doubt in my mind aloSIM is the best eSIM company for Canadians traveling to the United States. AloSIM is also one of the best esim providers on the market right now offering the best eSIM plans.

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**You do need to have your phone unlocked to use an eSIM**

Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (4)

Where can you buy eSIM cards?

Once your phone is unlocked you can purchase an eSIM online. For aloSIM the best way to do it is to download their app from the app store or by visiting

How do aloSIM eSIM cards work?

Once you download the aloSIM app and signup for an aloSIM account, purchase the eSIM for the country or region that you require. Then select the amount of data that best suits you depending on the length of your trip, your typical data usage and needs. If you are unsure, do not worry as it is easy to always buy more data.

Next while on a strong internet connection install your eSIM. Once installed correctly you should see the eSIM now available in your phone settings under SIMs in the Cellular section. Do NOT activate your eSIM until right before your trip. When activated the data only lasts for the time period in the package that was purchased and ends even if there is data left over.

For example if you buy 1GB for 7 days, the 7 days begins as soon as you activate the eSIM and runs out in the 7 days no matter if you have used all of the data or not. Once you buy an eSIM for a particular country or region you don’t need to buy or install it again to keep using it. You just need to top up the eSIM for that destination every time you travel there.

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If you visit the aloSIM website at they have a great step by step guide for installing and activating your eSIM.

Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (5)the US.

How much are the eSIM plans with aloSIM?

The cost of buying eSIMs with aloSIM varies depending on your destination. AloSIM offers eSIMs for over 170 different countries around the world. On average the eSIMs cost about $4.50USD for 1gb of data for one week. Or you could pay up to $42.00USD for 20GB of data for 30 days. It really depends on where you are going and what your data usage is like. No matter what though it is extremely easy to buy more data directly in the app as needed. When you have less than 1GB left you will get a notification so that you top up again before you run out.

Using aloSIM you can’t go over on your usage either. You only use what you pay for which is nice so you don’t come home to a huge phone bill. If you run out of data you can just log on to their site or open the app while you have a connection and add more. You can also check the app at any time to see how much data you have remaining.

Where is there coverage for aloSIM?

You don’t need to worry about whether or not there will be cell coverage where you are traveling to in the US with aloSIM. Wherever possible the aloSIM eSIMs use AT&T towers to give you the best connection. For elsewhere around the world aloSIM is also always working with the best cellular service providers to give you the best coverage possible.

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If you have any questions or other suggestions about what is the best eSIM card for Canadians traveling to the United States please let me know!

Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States (6)

Thanks to aloSIM for sponsoring my data when I travel to the US and around the world. All opinions and views expressed are my own on the Best eSIM Card for Canadians traveling to the United States.


Which eSIM is best for travel to USA? ›

Our recommendation (best value): Nomad and Simtex

Nomad is a Singapore and US based eSIM data provider that offers data plans worldwide. Simtex is similar, except it's based in Israel. Both providers offer very aggressive prices and offer good quality networks and data for travelers to the United States.

Which is the best eSIM for travel to USA and Canada? ›

Best eSIM USA Deals
  • Cheapest USA plans: Nomad offers the cheapest plans in the United States. ...
  • Cheapest unlimited plans in the USA: Yoho Mobile offers the cheapest plans, and it includes Voice and SMS, too. ...
  • Plans without expiration: BNESIM is the only eSIM offering plans without expiration.
Aug 1, 2023

Which eSIM works in USA? ›

Top Prepaid eSims for USA
ProviderCoverageDevice Compatibility
SurfroamGood network coverageCompatibility with manu smart devices including iPhones and Android sets
AiraloGood network coverageHigh compatibility rates with updated iPhones and Android devices
8 more rows
Apr 12, 2023

Which is the best eSIM for international travel? ›

Airalo. One of the most popular eSIM providers for travellers is Airalo and, I can tell you, it's the one that I use most of the time. It's got great coverage across the world and uses major telcos for its connections in almost all cases (for example: Optus in Australia, O2 in the UK, T-Mobile in the US).

Can I get a USA eSIM online? ›

With the option to buy eSIM online, travelers can easily get connected and stay connected during their entire stay.

Can I use an eSIM in USA? ›

In the US, most companies accept eSIMs as a replacement for SIM cards. You may need to visit a physical store in order to purchase one, but most major networks accept eSIMs. In the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile both support eSIMs. Other companies, such as Holafly, also offer eSIM plans.

Which carrier in Canada support eSIM? ›

Carriers that support virtual cards in North America

Here is the list of eSIM carriers in North America: Canada: Bell, Fido, Freedom, Koodo, Lucky Mobile, Rogers, Telus, and Virgin.

Which providers have eSIM Canada? ›

So, which Canadian mobile operators offer eSIMs to prepaid customers? Currently, Telus, Bell Canada, Koodo & Virgin Plus offer eSIMs to prepaid customers. However, you have these three options for getting an eSIM for your trip to Canada: Airalo (with Tuque Mobile), Alosim, Holafly & Nomad.

When should I buy eSIM before travel? ›

Using an eSIM for data on vacation? Great! You're going to love staying connected without roaming charges. Since you'll need a solid Wi-Fi (or data) connection to complete the eSIM installation process, we recommend installing your eSIM on your device 1-2 days prior to leaving on your trip.

How do I set up eSIM USA? ›

Set up eSIM on an Android device
  1. [Settings] – [Network & Internet] – [Mobile Network]
  2. Expand [Advanced] – Tap [Carrier] – [Add Carrier]
  3. Scan the QR code.
  4. Tap [Start] to add the new eSIM.
  5. Your eSIM will be automatically installed.

Which carrier is best for eSIM? ›

Recap: What are the best eSIM providers?
  • Tello: Best cheap eSIM carrier.
  • Reach Mobile: Best cheap eSIM carrier.
  • Mint Mobile: Best eSIM carrier for families.
  • US Mobile: Best eSIM carrier for 5G coverage.
  • Boost Mobile: Best eSIM carrier for unlimited data.
Apr 18, 2023

Which eSIM works globally? ›

Airalo is the best and biggest eSIM provider on the list. They have data packs for over 190+ countries worldwide and provide excellent coverage. But what makes Airalo different from many other eSIM providers is that they work with local telco companies all over the world.

Can you get an eSIM for international travel? ›

Purchase a prepaid data eSIM from a worldwide service provider. Many worldwide service providers offer prepaid data plans. These plans allow you to stay connected at home, or in over 190 countries and regions when you travel. Carriers offer plans that differ by the amount of data and duration they provide.

Is it hard to travel with eSIM? ›

Activating a data plan on a foreign network with an eSIM is not as straightforward as sticking a different SIM card into your phone. The process is especially challenging for those who are less familiar with technology, putting the onus on more tech savvy companions to help them make the switch.

Can an eSIM be activated abroad? ›

If you're traveling from the U.S., your local network provider likely has an international plan you can activate once you arrive abroad. They're not the most cost effective, but they could be a viable option if you don't want to go through the SIM card process and don't mind spending the extra money.

Can you buy eSIM for travel? ›

Purchase a prepaid data eSIM from a worldwide service provider. Many worldwide service providers offer prepaid data plans. These plans allow you to stay connected at home, or in over 190 countries and regions when you travel. Carriers offer plans that differ by the amount of data and duration they provide.

Should I activate eSIM before travel? ›

Some eSIMs will activate immediately upon installation – even if you haven't left home. For eSIMs that activate immediately, we recommend installing them just before you travel so you can make the most of your eSIM data.

Is eSIM supported internationally? ›

Worldwide service providers also offer eSIM plans in over 190 countries and regions to use while at home or when you travel. If your iPhone is unlocked, you can also use eSIM plans offered by other carriers. Learn about eSIM on iPhone and how to Use eSIM while traveling internationally with your iPhone.


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